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Kishita Laboratory started its history in April 2016 at Department of Precision Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. We are jointly doing research activities with Umeda Laboratory of the same department. Based on expertise in the field of scenario design, life cycle engineering, design engineering, and sustainability science, we have been working on development of system design theory and methodology for sustainability*. Most of our research topics aim at designing sustainable futures based on in-depth understanding of the system of interest**. Our research is characterized by integrating timeline or temporal dynamics into the design process.

Drawing on Life Cycle Thinking, Scenario Thinking, and Design Thinking, we are attempting to elucidate the desirable interaction between technology and society toward sustainability. Examples of our research topics include, but are not limited to (for details, please see here):

Umeda-Kishita Laboratory is looking for prospective students at graduate level (master's and PhD). We are always seeking people to work together with, who are keen to break barriers between disciplines and to solve real-world problems. Although our laboratory belongs to an engineering department, students from diverse academic backgrounds are welcome. We are highly encouraged to promote collaborations with industry, national/local governments, and external research institutes both in Japan and overseas. We are aiming to establish a new, transdisciplinary academic field. If you are interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact us!

(*)Sustainability is the concept that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (modified from WCED, 1987). In general, given the finiteness of resources on the earth, sustainability requires us to consider all the aspects of economy, environment, and social equity. (Extra: Famous video presented by Prof. Hans Rosling, showing interesting stats on long-term demographic and income changes)
(**)The system to be designed depends on the research project, including product-service system (PSS), energy system, urban system, and sustainable business model.


Mr Taiki Yokota, master's student, presented his work at ISIE 2023 in Leiden, The Netherlands. Dr Kishita co-organized a special session on backcasting with Prof Jaco Quist (Deltf University of Technology) and Prof Mattias Höjer (KTH).
As of 1 June 2023, Mr Christian Clemm joined our lab as Project Academic Specialist. He will be mainly engaged with the Belmont Project (DISCo) in the lab.
A total of 6 papers (co-)authored by our lab members were presented at CARE Innovation 2023 in Vienna and CIRP LCE 2023 in New Jersey. The updated list of publications is found here.
Our proposal for Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action (CRA) has been accepted. The research period is April 2023-March 2026. The press release is found here.
On 21 March, we will organize webinar "Engineering the future by management" as part of UTokyo-Cambridge Voices. The agenda can be found here.
Our paper is out in Futures and Foresight Science.
Regarding ICPE 2022 Best Paper Award, web article is posted here.
On 13 December, we organized a webinar "Engineering the future by transformative change" as part of UTokyo-Cambridge Voices. The agenda can be found via this link.
Kishita Lab tied an MoU with Time Labs led by Prof Nathasit Gerdsri at Mahidol University, Thailand (photo). We will promote research collaborations at lab level in the field of, e.g., technology roadmapping.
On 5 December, the 7th Cambridge-UTokyo Joint Symposium will take place. Dr Kishita will moderate one of the sessions 'Circular Economy'. Details can be found here.
Dr Kishita and Mr Shimmori presented papers at ICPE 2022 held in Nara. Dr Kishita's paper won Best Paper Award.
Mr Gao and Mr Hirota presented their master thesis work at EcoBalance 2022. It was the first face-to-face conference in the last three years due to the covid pandemic, resulting in very active discussions there. Dr kishita was committed to the conference as Scientific Committee Chair.
Our paper has been published in Futures and Foresight Science. We developed a scenario design method using participatory backcasting based on citizen workshops in Toyama City.
Mr Tao (M3) and Mr Hirota (M2) presented their papers at CIRP LCE 2022. We joined the conference in online format unfortunately, but they did great jobs!
As part of the UTokyo-Cambridge Voices, we will organize a webinar "Pioneering the Future by Design Engineering" on 16 March 2022 (Flyer in PDF format). Registration via this link. Anyone interested is welcome to join for free.

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