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Theme 4

Governing Sustainable Consumption and Production in terms of Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Theme 4 conducts studies on global governance to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns by implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at multiple levels. The study also looks at impacts of the SDG implementation on policies and institutional design at national and regional levels. Keio University conducts sub-theme 1 study and sub-theme 2 by the UNU-IAS (United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability).

S-16-4 sub-theme 1: Global governance for the SDGs implementation

The aims of the study are to: (1) identify activities and interests of stakeholders related to the SCP and SDG implementation at multiple levels to explore effective institutional designs to implement global goals in each country; (2) explore effective interaction between science and policy on the SCP and SDGs to identify linkages for effective implementation of existing policies; (3) make policy recommendations for effective implementation of the SDGs, including institutional designs for the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Report. The study conducts literature reviews and interviews to a wide range of stakeholders.

S-16-4 sub-theme 2: comparative study on the SDGs implementation in Asian countries

The aims of the study are to: (1) identify challenges of SCP on renewable energy and food issues at national levels by paying attention to each country's economic, social and environmental aspects and propose potential roles of major stakeholders (governments, private sector, civil societies); (2) identify interests and priorities of producers and consumers in various Asian countries; and (3) develop a certification scheme to promote SCP implementation based on the SDGs. The study conducts interviews to stakeholders and experts in Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as well as web questionnaires.