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Theme 1

Measures to Reduce Green House Gas Emissions and to Promote Resource Circulation by Intensifying Relations between Consumption and Production


After investigating producer roles in manufacturing and resource circulation and those of consumers with life cycle thinking, we will propose possible measures to intensify the relations between consumption and production.

To realize the SCP community within Asia, it is necessary to grab the Policy design for intensification of Consumption-Production relations. (Univ. of Tokyo)


In Theme 1, we examined the possibility of consumers' behavioral change by providing environmental information. We found that the ability of life cycle thinking, interest in environmental problems and reliability of environmental information affect the consumer behavior. We also examined the role of producers towards SCP and proposed three research problems.

  • Region oriented sustainable product design (Osaka Univ.)
  • Sustainable production by remanufacturing (AIST)
  • Distributed and Circular production pursuing efficiency and soundness (Ritsumeikan Univ.)